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Airedale Airedale - Precision Air Conditioning

A pioneer in precision air conditioning, Airedale provides an adaptable range of products designed for critical applications where precise conditioning of air temperature and humidity is crucial.

The unit range includes cooling from 5 kW -160 kW and each system maximises energy efficiency and uptime. Precision air conditioning systems are offered in a range of cooling options including DX, free cooling, chilled water and refrigerants R410A and R407C.

Airedale’s Precision Air Conditioning range is designed for a wide range of applications where high precision air conditioning is essential, such as data centers, medium and low-density server environments, telecom switching stations and medical operating theatres.

Airedale Smart Cool (60-180 KW)

SmartCool is a next generation, precision cooling solution that can significantly reduce energy consumption and increase uptime. Within its sleek, compact exterior lies a synergy of advanced technology and cutting-edge components, creating a sophisticated and highly flexible system.

In IT and other critical environments, SmartCool delivers efficient and intelligent cooling in fluctuating heat loads conditions to maintain precise control.

Applications for Airedale Smart Cool
  • Data centers and computer rooms
  • Telecommunications and ISP facilities
  • Clean rooms
  • Switching stations
  • Laboratories
Airedale EasiCool (6-60 KW)

The newly developed R410A EasiCool range is designed in a fully configured package to be quiet and easy to install. The EasiCool is capable of maintaining a precisely controlled air-conditioned environment within the smallest possible footprint.

The EasiCool range is ideal for high-tech environments where performance and reliability are essential. This includes:

  • Data centers
  • Telecommunications and ISP facilities
  • Computer rooms
  • Clean rooms
Airedale AlphaCool (8-101 KW)

Airedale has developed a new generation of AlphaCool Close Control air conditioning units featuring new AireTronix

controls technology. The range now features 102 models with nominal cooling capacities ranging from 8kW to 101kW,

available in both DX and chilled water versions.

Advantages of the Airdale AlphaCool (8-101 KW) range
  • 8kW to 100kW cooling capacity
  • Advanced AireTronix control features
  • Downflow and Upflow configurations
  • Rear & base return air options
  • DX, chilled water and glycol free-cooling systems
  • Single, double and triple circuit models
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Scroll compressor technology
  • Direct drive fan technology (9-19 models only)
Airedale AlphaCool Plus (95-136 KW)

The AlphaCool PLUS is the latest addition to the AlphaCool Range of chilled water units. Designed specifically to provide specialist IT environments with maximum cooling capabilities and precise environmental control tolerances while reducing footprint and service downtime to an absolute minimum.

Advantages of the Airdale AlphaCool Plus (95-136 KW)
  • 2 downflow models offering cooling up to 136kW
  • Advanced AIRETronix controls
  • Significantly reduced life-cycle operating costs
  • Exceptional sensible cooling capacity per unit footprint (52 kW/m²)
  • Direct drive fans giving energy savings of up to 20% over conventional belt drives
  • Enhanced surface area coil optimizes air flow distribution & heat transfer
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Full frontal access to filters, valves and all other major components

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