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Blygold Blygold Protective Treatment

Blygold Protective Treatment: Heat exchangers protection

Our partner Blygold International BV is a market leader in the field of Indoor Air Quality and corrosion protection for heat exchangers. This covers a large field of applications and with 25 years of experience Blygold has developed new techniques and products that make it unique in the field of Indoor Air Quality.

Corrosion and pollution of heat exchangers will directly affect the performance of the air conditioning system. Heat exchanger must be sealed off from the environment in order not to reduce its heat transfer or cause a pressure drop. With the Blygold Corrosion Protection System the cooling capacity will remain intact and energy consumption can be controlled.

Advantages of the Blygold Protective Teatment
  • Extend the lifetime of the heat exchanger
  • Control cooling capacity and energy consumption
  • Prevent corrosion at temperatures up to 650°C (1202°F)
  • Prevent hygienic problems at cooling equipment
  • Much smaller space requirements for transporting and storage.
  • Maintain cooling capacity

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