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Cool Merchant Cool Merchant Outdoor Cooling

Cool Merchant is Acemco’s partner in offering unique outdoor and indoor cooling solutions. These practical cooling systems have benefited the growing 'café society' phenomenon, with many pubs, cafes and restaurants opening outdoor spaces.

Areas that were once hot and stifling (and non-revenue-generating!) were instantly transformed into cool and comfortable locations through the Cool Merchant ™ Systems. It’s US technology adapted for local application, tailored for the tropical climate with high relative humidity or for desert regions with low relative humidity.

Cool Merchant Cool Fog

Cool Fog™- Lines offer passive cooling and are designed to create a curtain of cool air around a specific area. The concept is to fit out the perimeter of the intended cooling area with Fog Lines. Cooling will occur as a result of flash evaporation.

  • The 'curtain' also acts as a thermal barrier to prevent heat from entering whilst maintaining the cool air within the encircled area.

 Cool Merchant Cool Fan

Today our cooling systems, affectionately dubbed 'Cool Fans' or 'Mist Fans' continue to keep our clients and their customers cool and comfortable in the heat.

  • Cool Fan™ offers active cooling and is positioned directly at the intended cooling area. Cool Fans provide superior performance as the high velocity air increases the evaporation rate which in turn improves the cooling effect. Cool Fans can be mounted on walls or columns.

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