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Our Solar Projects

Keb Elias, 3-Phase Off-grid with back-up

A 16 kWp three-phase off-grid solar PV system was installed at a remote residential facility in Keb Elias with no access to the grid. The facility only relies on solar energy to supply the load with power and recharge the batteries for backup at night.

Mrouj, 3-Phase On-grid with back-up

This 3-phase system with a total of 14kWp of PV modules and 24kVA output power from the inverters was designed and installed by Acemco for a residential facility in Mrouj. The system also includes backup batteries with up to 6.5 hours of autonomy at a full load of 14 kW.

Bechmezzine, 3-Phase On-grid with back-up

This 17kW on-grid system with battery back-up was designed and installed by Acemco to power a residential facility in Bechmezzine with large 3 phase electrical appliances. This system produces around 25 MWh per year, with 6 hours battery autonomy at full load.

Blawza, Solar Water Pumping System

Acemco designed and installed this 30KW solar PV pumping system in the small village of Blawza in Bcharreh. This system includes 119 solar PV modules and runs a 25hp water pump for 8 hours per day. This system will provide all inhabitants of Blawza with potable water.

Keb Elias, Solar Water Pumping System

Acemco's engineers designed and installed This 81KW system, which includes 324 solar modules, to run a 70Hp water pump for more than 8 hours per day. This is the largest clean, potable water pumping project in Lebanon, providing water to the entire Keb Elias village.

Rabieh 3 Phase On-Grid with Backup

Acemco designed and installed this 13KW system to power a house with large 3 phase air-conditioners and several refrigerators and appliances. It provides energy to the house in all weather conditions with a battery autonomy of more than 6 hours, at full load.

Zreiriyeh Off-Grid System

This 4KW off-grid system was installed in a remote village house where grid power is totally unavailable. The system powers a house throughout the year, as well as a small pump used during the summer to irrigate agricultural land.

More projects coming soon...

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