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Solstice Benefits of Solar Energy

Throughout the world people are realizing that the damage we humans have inflicted on Mother Earth comes with a heavy price tag.

Efforts are ongoing globally to minimise chemical pollution and CO2 emissions, which are jeopardising our health and the survival of our planet.

In that regard, Solar Energy provides many practical and economic benefits, and effectively contributes in transforming the health of our planet.


1 - It's Renewable:

 Not only is Solar Energy sustainable, it is also renewable. This means that unlike gas or oil, it will never run out.

2 - It Requires Minimum Maintenance:

 Once the solar system is installed, very little maintenance is needed to ensure proper functioning.

3 - It is Noise-Free:

 Unlike fuel-operated generators, a solar installation is completely silent.


4 - It's Odorless

 Unlike fuel-powered generators, a solar installation is odorless and does not release fumes.


5 - It is Pollution- Free:

 Unlike the ubiquitous, diesel -operated generator, a solar system does not discharge any fumes. It produces zero emissions.


6 - It's Easily Affordable:

 The continuous research and advances in solar energy science mean more powerful and affordable equipment, making the Solar Energy solution the most cost-effective and affordable on the long run.


7 - It's Resalable:

 With an On-Grid system you can sell the surplus electricity that your system generates back to the grid.


8 - It's Self-Generated:

 Your solar system enables you to generate and control your own green electricity supply.


9 - It's Money Saving:

 Tremendously reduces your electricity bills on the long run- and for life.

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