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Solar Water Pumping Systems


The Solar Water Pumping System is mainly used in agricultural projects to reduce or eliminate the cost of energy consumed in the process of pumping, whether through diesel generators or through the grid. The system includes solar modules and a special Variable Frequency Drive that supplies power from the sun directly to the pump throughout the day. The VFD will adjust the frequency of the pump depending on solar radiation.


  • Completely independent power solution 
  • Supplies electricity from solar modules to the pump 
  • Automatically starts the pump and adjusts the frequency depending on solar radiation
  • Used predominantly in agricultural projects.

Main Components

  • Solar modules
  • Variable frequency drive


System suitable for water pumping purposes such as agriculture or public water provision
System suitable for commercial applications such as large commercial spaces, schools, universities etc.
System suitable for industrial applications
Suitable for locations where grid is continuously available and reliable
Suitable for locations where grid is available but suffers from frequent power failures
Suitable for locations where grid is totally not available such as remote locations

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