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Solar Grid Back-Up Systems

The Solar Grid Backup System is the most effective system for locations with daily power shortages.

Solar On-Grid Systems with back up batteries are the ideal solution to reduce your electricity bill and to cover for frequent power cuts. They include solar modules which convert solar radiation into electricity, batteries that can store energy, a charge controller which supplies electricity to the batteries, and a hybrid inverter that supplies the load with power during electricity outages.

This inverter is also capable of supplying energy directly to the load during the day as well as producing excess electricity that can be sold to the grid through net metering. It allows for recharging the batteries from the grid when solar radiation is insufficient.


  • Converts solar energy to electricity during the day
  • Supplies solar energy directly to load and recharges batteries
  • Sells excess electricity to the grid
  • Continues to power the load during power failure
  • Used in regions where the grid is available but not reliable. Mainly used in residential or telecom projects

Main Components

  • Solar modules
  • Solar Off-Grid inverter
  • Solar charge controller
  • Batteries


System suitable for residential applications
System suitable for telecoms applications and remote stations
Suitable for locations where grid is available but suffers from frequent power failures

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