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Hybrid Diesel/Photovoltaic Systems


The Hybrid Diesel/PV system is ideal for reducing diesel consumption, as well as consumption from the grid. This system supplies power through solar modules, an on-grid inverter and a control box that adjusts the output from the solar inverters, depending on the loads. The aim of this system is to reduce the load on the generator which in turn reduces diesel consumption.

When the grid is available, this system acts as an on-grid system and supplies energy directly to the loads. It also allows selling excess energy back to the grid. It is mainly used in large scale commercial projects where generators are a primary source of power or are frequently used due to unreliable grid power.



  • It synchronizes with the generator and the grid to supply power to the load.
  • Cost effective system with short payback
  • More than 50% savings on both diesel and grid.

Main Components

  • Solar modules
  • On-grid inverter
  • Control box


System suitable for telecoms applications and remote stations
System suitable for commercial applications such as large commercial spaces, schools, universities etc.
System suitable for industrial applications
Suitable for locations where grid is continuously available and reliable
Suitable for locations where grid is available but suffers from frequent power failures
Suitable for locations where grid is totally not available such as remote locations


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